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Interesting Facts about Electromagnetic Technology Use

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Electromagnetic Technology Use

We live in a world saturated with different electromagnetic fields of different strengths. There are no unequivocal measures to protect or limit their influence; you can only limit yourself from the influence. Check the most interesting facts about electromagnetic technology used in the article below.

Electromagnetic Radiation – Safe or Not?

All life on Earth depends on electromagnetic radiation from the Sun and Earth, which is necessary for photosynthesis in plants or biosynthesis in zooplankton – the main link of the food chain in the ocean. In addition to ionizing radiation, there is a wide range of radiations, known under the electromagnetic technology examples, which differ in wavelength, intensity, and power of energy impact on the environment and biota.

The eyes of humans and some animals are adapted to perceive only a separate part of the spectrum of solar electromagnetic radiation – light consisting of the visible parts of a wide range of frequencies. Almost all of the fossil fuels used by modern society – gas, oil, and coal – are stored forms of energy received from the Sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation millions of years ago. Electromagnetic technology between the source and receiver of interference can occur as a result of the following:

  • galvanic connection, which creates symmetrical interference;
  • capacitive coupling, arising as a result of the influence of an alternating electric field on parasitic constructive capacities;
  • inductive coupling caused by the presence of a current-carrying conductor in an alternating magnetic field.

The increase in the number and power of various artificial sources (radio communications, radar, expansion of high-voltage power lines, microwave ovens, computers, laptops, televisions, and vehicles) leads to a significant increase in the level of electromagnetic radiation in cities and towns, which create an additional artificial electromagnetic field, which adversely affects human health. Electromagnetic radiation occurs due to the radiation of energy from any source of electric currents.

Which Are the Most Interesting Facts about Electromagnetic Technology?

It is known that every day a person is exposed to EMR, which can be both beneficial and cause adverse changes in the body. Therefore, it is at least reckless to show illiteracy on this issue since the degree of awareness determines how successful people will be able to maintain their health for as long as possible in the adverse conditions of the modern world.

Among the most interesting facts about electromagnetic technology used are the following:

  1. One of the main characteristics of an electromagnetic field is its frequency or corresponding wavelength. Fields of different frequencies affect the body in different ways.
  2. You can try to imagine electromagnetic waves as a series of regularly repeating waves of tremendous speed equal to the speed of light.
  3. The frequency of electromagnetic technology is a measure that simply indicates the number of oscillations or cycles per second, while the term “wavelength” is used to determine the distance between successive waves. Therefore, wavelength and frequency are closely related: the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength.
  4. If you slowly raise and lower your hand with a rope, then one big wave will form; if the movements are faster, then this will lead to the emergence of a whole series of small waves.
  5. Electromagnetic technology is a very interesting phenomenon. With it, you can launch drones or recharge gadgets.