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        The possibilities and applications of PPMT are limited only by your imagination.

Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (PPMT)  is a basic magnetic force control technology that is applicable to almost every industry or product that requires mechanical motion.  PPMT in various forms can produce either linear or rotary motion, which in most cases, results in higher power efficiency and a lighter/smaller package than conventional technology would allow.  PPMT is applicable to shaft-motors, hub-motors, rotary actuators, linear actuators, latches, clamps, and generators.  

Energy Transportation Industrial Robotics
PPMT generators can increase efficiency and power density for:

wind turbines, auxiliary power units, mobile generators, primary generators, distributed power generators, etc.


PPMT motors and generators can increase efficiency and power density.  PPMT hub motors are simpler and less expensive than hub motors they replace.  Examples include:

hybrid electric vehicle drives, all electric vehicle drives, wheel hub motors, vehicle generators, auxiliary power , etc.

PPMT motors, actuators, and magnetic clamps can increase efficiency and power density for:

industrial motors, linear actuation, rotary actuation, industrial clamping, replace solenoids, distributed power production, etc.


PPMT generators, motors, and actuators can increase efficiency and power density for:

industrial robotics, mobile robotics, long range hybrid robotics,  etc.