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Josh Jones, FRI Featured Young Scientist - 2006  

Our children are the World's most valuable resource.  They will have the burden of completing what we have not finished, fixing what we have broke and discovering the answers to questions that have eluded us in Physics, Medicine and Peace.

This is no light burden to bestow upon our children, but this is their legacy as it was and is ours until the day we die.  An important part of this legacy is to prepare our children to bear the burden of their legacy, to make the world a better place than it was when we handed it to them.

A major part of this preparation is education and unfortunately those who chose as their life work to be the guardians of taxpayer's funds to ensure an impartial and high quality educational system are falling seriously short of fulfilling their legacy. 

Fortunately the world has fine people like Bill and Melinda Gates who, working through their foundation, have graciously stepped up to the plate to address our failing educational system.

Education is a major part of preparing our children to fulfill their legacy but I have known ignorant people who have attained the highest educational recognition and really intelligent people who barely made it through secondary school. Instilling the true ability to learn is markedly different than memorizing text books.

Our educational system should teach self-education, the ability to learn from many sources not just what is taught in the school.  A teacher has done his job when his students have acquired the ability to learn through reading, listening, observing and doing on their own, independent of the classroom.

Being instilled with the inspiration to learn and to inspire others to learn by example ensures that education is not fixed by a number of school years and a degree, but is a life long experience. 

Bill Gates may not be aware that he has already impacted education by his life work, which has inspired many people to learn.  Those who have truly learned from Bill Gates will find that it is not about making money so much as it is about making the world a better place than it was when it was handed to them.

Flynn Research has dedicated this page on our website to honor young scientist who we feel have achieved the ability to inspire others to learn by example.  Our 2006 honoree is Josh Jones.  We learned about Josh when he approached us for permission to do a science fair project based upon our technology.  Josh is truly an amazing young man.  Congratulations to Josh on his achievements!

Joe Flynn,


Flynn Research

Information on nominating your candidate for our 2007 Featured Young Scientist will be posted during March 2007.


Josh accepting a certificate and check after speaking at the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics Cape Canaveral Chapter Meeting (May 2006)

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