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Josh Jones, FRI Featured Young Scientist - 2006  

Hi my name is Josh Jones and I am from Titusville, Florida.  I am 15 years old and attend Astronaut High School.  Last year, I completed a project on Parallel Path Magnetics as described on Mr. Flynnís earlier website.  I presented this at the local fair as a freshman and the project made it to the state level.  I was able to manipulate the magnetic field lines in my apparatus and was able to show similar results as Mr. Flynn described.  I have been participating in science fairs since I was in third grade and would like to eventually become an Electrical Engineer.  My greatest accomplishment was being selected as one of the top 40 young scientists in America (out of 170,000 qualified students) by The Discovery Channel as an 8th grader.  I traveled to Washington DC to present my project on Impulse Motor Technology at the National Academy of Science, competed for other awards, and appeared in a special on The Discovery Channel.  I learned a lot from the experience and plan on continuing my participation in science research.  I also plan on continuing my research on PPMT with focus on efficient power conversion devices.



Josh after taking 1st Place in Physics (March 2006)


Josh's Research Paper (PDF)

Josh's Abstract