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        Latest News from the Labs at Flynn Research

7/15/2006    Flynn Research's New Micro-controller Based DPMC-V1 Motor Controller Tested

The newly developed DPMC-V1 (dynamic parameter motor control) motor controller was tested on both the TYPE A & C PPMT motors.  The micro-controller based Dynamic Parameter Motor Controller utilizes state of the art power management components from leading semiconductor companies, the latest IGBT and Power MOSFET technology and low loss accurate current sensing techniques.  These components coupled with proprietary conditioned high power switching techniques result in a low loss controller that monitors and dynamically measures and flawlessly adjusts every motor parameter for optimum performance for motor operation using batteries or generator power sources.            

6/28/06    1 KW TYPE C PPMT Motor Prototypes are completed.

Two TYPE C PPMT prototype motors were completed and are presently undergoing extensive testing in preparation for independent lab testing.  The preliminary testing of the TYPE C motors suggest the same superior performance as the TYPE A motors but with different performance characteristics to address a different market need.  The Type C motor is scheduled to be transferred to Flynn Motor Technology Corp during the last quarter 2006 for commercialization. 

5/31/2006    74 KVA High Power Density 4 Pole 3 phase 400 HZ PPMT-T2 Generator Design is Completed.

A scaled down version of the high power density PPMT-T2 generator is being prototyped for testing at an independent test lab. This generator is designed to replace existing rotorcraft and military/commercial aircraft generators and APUs that currently use a compounded loss, self excited generator.  This new design requires no rotor cooling and the use of an innovative high field energy design results in high efficiency at the base rating, not just at the nominal load, and reduces heat losses by several thousands of watts less than the currently used generators at the base rating.  The PPMT-T2 generator decreases fuel consumption wasted for producing excessive generator/APU heat losses, thereby increasing the travel range and system reliability.   The only way an existing self excited generator can compete with the PPMT-T2 is to operate the self excited generator in an overload condition using increased cooling methods to prevent catastrophic heat failure. This will make the PPMT-T2 the correct generator choice for aerospace system designers, setting a new standard for generator design. The laws of physics will confirm the best design produces the least heat, unless you are designing a heater.  Companies that use cooling solutions to improve generator performance are not producing a better generator, but are just applying a bandage, no real performance improvement exists when evaluated against a complete system energy loss calculation, coupled with an increased failure risk.

2/13/2006    PPMT Paper Presented at STAIF 2006 In New Mexico

The paper titled "Parallel Path Magnetic Technology for High Efficiency Power Generators and Motor Drives" was presented at the SPACE TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL FORUM (STAIF) 2006 conference at the University of New Mexico on February 13, 2006.  The conference is attended by the leading aerospace companies and researchers.  The paper is available from the American Institute of Physics, AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 813, CD-ROM ISBN 0-7354-0306-6, Book ISBN 0-7354-305-8. http://proceedings.aip.org

10/28/2005    Flynn Motor Technologies Corp Formed

Flynn Motor Technologies was formed to commercialize the PPMT group of technologies.  With the 'flat' shaft power output curve for a PPMT motor combined with high power density and efficiencies the Hybrid Vehicle market would realize a huge benefit from the implementation of PPMT motor technology.  The Hybrid Vehicle PPMT motor was christened as the FREEDOM MOTOR.  Other market sectors are being explored where PPMT technology will have the largest impact.  Flynn Motor Technology Corp is an independent business entity.  With their combination of innovative motor and generator products Flynn Motor Technology Corp will become a rapidly expanding competitor in the energy sector.

9/30/2005   PPMT TYPE 1 Generator is Tested and Exceeds Expectations

During 2004 a 2 pole TYPE 2 PPMT [PPMT-T2] generator was prototyped and initial testing began for optimization.  Although the TYPE 1 [PPMT-T1] PPMT generator was on the drawing boards first, testing was delayed until new test beds were constructed and mathematical modeling caught up with the preliminary testing empirical data.  The innovative and unique electromagnetic design of the PPMT-T1 generator produces unique results.  As the PPMT-T1 generator is presented with an increasing electrical load the prime mover sees an increasing mechanical load as seen with conventional generators.  When the load equals the energy stored in the generator's magnetic field the load on the prime mover is at its maximum, as would be expected.  At this load level the generator was measured at 98% efficient.  However as the load is increased beyond this point the current in the generator field coils, in series with the electrical load, begin creating a cooperating 'motor effect' in the direction of rotation.  The greater the overload the greater the motor effect.  The end result is a generator that has an extended high efficiency range, and it's unique design prevents overloading even in a short circuit fault condition.  A generator that does not produce excessive heat losses and does not require excessive cooling [which equates to large prime mover losses] will prove to have a large market demand, the PPMT-T1 generator is that generator!  The PPMT-T1 generator, due to the power out curve, is also the perfect solution for Stirling heat cycle engines.

8/17/2005  Flynn Research STAIF Paper

A Flynn Research paper on PPMT was accepted for presentation at the SPACE TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL FORUM (STAIF) 2006 conference.  The paper titled "Parallel Path Magnetic Technology for High Efficiency Power Generators and Motor Drives" will be presented at the STAIF conference at the University of New Mexico in February 2006.  The conference is attended by the leading aerospace companies and researchers.

6/26/2005    New PPMT motor designed is developed

Another new and innovative PPMT motor was developed, this motor is termed a Type C PPMT motor.  This motor adds to the various motor geometries developed using PPMT motor technology.  This new motor geometry will be rigorously tested and optimized over the next 24 months and is expected to be 'market ready' by early 2007.